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Selena Urbanovitch | Oracle Reader/Reiki Practitoner

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A collaborative author of 2 bestselling titles, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal and 365 Days of Self-Love, Selena is also a renowned Reiki practitioner, Crystal Chakra Healer Practitioner, Angel Empowerment PractitionerTM, Goddess MasterTM, professional hairstylist, and teacher of over 30 years.

Selena uses her gifts to heal and empower herself on a deeper level, which transcends assisting those around her in creating a world where interconnectedness reigns and self-value and self-worth are acknowledged and validated, encouraging her clients to reach for the stars as they connect to their inner strength and supporting them on an empowered journey of self-exploration and healing.

Selena’s love and expansive knowledge of crystals and energy work have navigated her into a place of sharing what she has learned with the collective so that we may come from a place of compassion and love with the knowledge that is deep within us all. 

Reiki Treatments

Selena will begin your reiki treatment with a mini-reading. Allowing the energy of what needs to be brought forth into your mind's eye. She will have you feeling safe enough to relax and let go of what no longer serves your highest self. Crystal Chakra Healing Reiki Treatment integrates ancient wisdom, energy flow, and intention to promote holistic well-being. We end with balancing your chakras and grounding you back into your body. Leaving you refreshed, relaxed, and ready to focus on your now.

Selena will begin your reading by clearing the space and connecting her angelic team with yours. She will then gently and intuitively scan your chakra system and physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional bodies while you become acquainted with one another’s energy, allowing her to be guided to your healing needs. She will assist with tips and tools to help ease you through anything that comes up. This deep dive journey will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to shift into your highest potential.

Selena's availability for April 6 1-5, 20 1-5, and 27 1-5 for appointments outside those dates and times, please call to make special arrangements upon availability.

Book online or call 604-560-6286 to make appointments or for more information.

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