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Jewelry Repairs and Battery Replacements

At Tricia's Gems, we take great satisfaction in providing a broad selection of first-rate services to meet your jewellery demands. Professional jewellery repairs and precise evaluations are our team's areas of expertise. We are available to help you when you need a repair. To find out more, stop by our shop right now or get in touch with us at 604-560-6286 or

Replacement watch batteries can be changed for as little as $20.00. Be confident that we only use Renata batteries, which are made in Switzerland and are known for their remarkable lifespan. The best performance and peace of mind are guaranteed by these mercury-free, non-leaking silver oxide batteries.

In addition to our repair services, we provide on-site jewellery cleaning to bring back the sparkle of your pieces. Ring size, chain repairs, ring repairs, and retightening claws are just a few of the chores our knowledgeable team can undertake. Feel free to ask about any additional repairs you might require. Additionally, we take great satisfaction in our ability to design unique jewellery pieces that precisely capture your personal taste.

We at Tricia's Gems are dedicated to provide top-notch services, including custom work, cleaning, and repairs. You can rely on us to treat your jewellery with the respect and care it requires.

We can also change your key fob batteries. We can help you replace the batteries in your key fob if you're having problems with it. Our staff has experience changing key fob batteries, ensuring that your remote access device runs without a hitch. For more information on our key fob battery replacement service, stop by our location today or get in touch with us.