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Ogham Pendants Silver or Silver/Gold | Keith Jack


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The Ogham Pendants Silver or Silver/Gold by Keith Jack features contemporary, minimalist designs crafted with precision and skill. These pendants, crafted with sterling silver and gold, are sure to add a sophisticated, high-quality touch to any outfit. The perfect gift for any occasion.

Words and ideas hold power. When wearing these pendants we give thought to the inscription thereby drawing the positive energy of that word or idea into ourselves. Secret Ogham, a reminder of something shared. Available with 18k Yellow Gold inscriptions or all Silver.






 Materials:  Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver with 18k Yellow Gold

Dimensions (w x h):  1/2″  x  1 1/2″

Details: comes with Sterling Silver 18″ medium Spiga chain

 Wear this Secret Ogham necklace to draw energy from the word inscribed upon it.

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Only S/sil+18k YG Pictures shown.  S/sil pieces are similiar design but without the gold.

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