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Cocktail Glass | Ginology


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  • $2500

Ginology's Cocktail Glass is a luxurious statement piece perfect for any burgeoning mixologist. Expertly crafted, this glass is the ideal vessel for exploring the delicious new flavors of craft spirits. Its classic kraft box presentation makes it a perfect gift or a stylish addition to any collection. Enjoy peace, prosperity, and good karma with every sip!

The Cocktail Glass from Enesco's Ginology collection brings a touch of luxury to your home bar. This exquisite glass features an array of elegant and intricate botanical designs, and is packaged in a windowed kraft gift box. Perfect for a special occasion or for enjoying your favorite gin-based drink in style, it holds up to 24 ounces of your chosen beverage. Enjoy in the utmost sophistication, and remember to hand-wash only.

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