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Cosmic Talisman Amulets | Thomas Sabo


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Cosmic talismans: the big, detailed pendant is elaborately designed with cut-outs and cosmic details. A half-ball that is painted with sparkling white cold enamel and a stone-embellished eye form the centrepiece. It is surrounded by stylized orbits that are adorned with engraved lines as well as stones in different colours and sizes. A moon with white zirconia stones, a stylized sun with an orange zirconia stone, and a lofted star, as well as four stones with a bezel setting, are its special highlights. One of the orbits is adorned with the engraving GALAXY OF LOVE LUCK DREAMS ENERGY. Numerous stars are engraved on stylized orbits on the back of this artful piece of jewellery. A big, engraved star is the centrepiece, surrounded by lofted dots. This pendant is made of 925 sterling silver and is slightly blackened. Its eyelet is embellished with white zirconia stones. This pendant can be combined with any necklace from Thomas Sabo’s portfolio. pendant for women made of 925 Sterling silver with colourful stones embellishment and a cosmic design

    • Category Pendants
    • Material: 925 Sterling silver or 18k Gold Plated, blackened, cold enamel
    • Color: silver-coloured, white, violet, pink, orange, blue, red
    • Stones: zirconia white, zirconia violet, zirconia pink, zirconia orange, glass-ceramic stone, synthetic corundum red
    • Clasp: eyelet
    • Height: approx. 51.00 mm (2.01 Inch)
    • Width: approx. 40.00 mm (1.57 Inch)

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