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Citrine & Onyx Buddha Bracelet

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Stretchable bracelets with two citrine beads surrounding a Buddha charm. Accented with black onyx beads.

Citrine, often found in Brazil, is a variety of quartz. The colour of citrine ranges from a pale yellow to brown due to iron impurities. The name is derived from Latin citrina which means yellow. It is also the origin of the word citron. 

As a healing crystal it is considered the merchant stone because it is believed to promote abundance, creativity and power. It also stimulates the crown chakra and is therefore helpful in stimulating the mind. It also helps align the chakras and balances energy.

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony or microcrystalline quartz which is formed in the gas cavities of lava. Generally, most onyx has a parallel banding structure (as opposed to agate which is more irregular), however black onyx doesn’t tend to have this characteristic banding.

As a healing stone, black onyx is thought to increase regeneration, happiness, intuition and instincts.

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