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Charm Pendant Saturn | Thomas Sabo


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Saturn charm: this pendant is three-dimensional with many special details and made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver in the shape of planet Saturn. The planet itself is hand-painted with dark blue cold enamel and decorated with a sun, moon and stars in different sizes as well as an eye with stone embellishment. Its Saturn ring is adorned with a small white zirconia stone and a heart. The latter, as well as one of the stones, is painted with red cold enamel that sparkles in the dark. Thanks to its snap hook, this charm pendant can be hooked onto Charm Club bracelets and necklaces, allowing for individual jewellery creations. It is an excellent gift idea.

  • Charm made of 925 Sterling silver in the shape of planet Saturn
  • Three-dimensional design with many details: dark blue cold enamel, moon, sun and stars in different sizes, eye with stone embellishment as well as a Saturn ring with a zirconia stone and luminescent cold enamel
  • Combinable with further charms by hooking it onto Charm Club necklaces and bracelets

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