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Bee Balls 6" | Kitras Art Glass


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Bee Ball 6" | Kitras

Water is an important element for the survival of bees. Finding safe sources of water can be a challenge as many water sources present a risk of drowning or poisoning to bees. Our collection of Bee Balls works as a solution to help bees have safe access to water. This collection features funky decorative orbs that you place in your garden beds or pots! When water collects on the ridges and bumps, they create a safe place for bees to have a drink. Plus, they bring a bright and funky pop of colour to the garden. Let’s save the bees in style! Each Bee Ball has a truly unique colour mix and pattern of bumpy clear pebbles of glass along the surface of the orb. This is where the bees drink!

These are extremely popular.  Some have sold out already.  Once gone our next order will be early February 2022

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