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Adorable You (golden dog) | Willow Tree


Tricia's Gems

  • $7100

Sculpted Figure is a token of friendship, love, and respect for dog lovers, friends, vets, and pet carers.

Hand-painted resin figurine, height 7.5"

Figure standing with golden-colored dog in her arms and wearing a cream outfit.
A gift-giving enclosure card is included in the packaging box.
Dust using a soft brush or cloth. Do not use water or cleaning agents.

Regarding This Piece

Initially bringing excitement, turmoil, and delight into the home, a puppy eventually settles down to become a playmate, a friend, and a companion who is always pleased to see us and never grows weary of our company. A dog is a metaphor for friendship because it depicts the comfort and trust that come with having a good friend and how the value of that connection increases through time.

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