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Kitras Art Glass

About Kitras

Our company's foundation is founded on the handcrafted and all that goes with it. The quality, originality, and, most importantly, the beauty of a handcrafted object.

When we started our firm, we took the deliberate decision to develop and manufacture all of our goods in North America. We always have and will continue to do so.

We promote the idea that meaningful presents bring people together. That collection of moments becomes tales, and those stories become the Everyday Beautiful.

We genuinely care about our consumers. It provides us great delight to share our tales and handcrafted process with them in order to help them choose the ideal piece.

 Tricia's Gems has the most Kitras Art Glass on exhibit in the lower mainland.

Kitras has ceased production of 10" balls. We still have a sufficient supply on hand. If you've been considering acquiring a 10," this is the moment.