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Round Jewelry with Photo


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Wholesale Round Jewelry with Photo

Create a stunning memorial tribute with a loved one's photo laser engraved on the front of a beautiful round pendant. The back can also be customized with letter engraving, handwriting like a signature or note, fingerprint, handprint, footprint or additional photo. A high resolution digital photo in JPG format works best.

Metal Choice: 925 Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K Solid White Gold or Platinum.

Pendant Style: Choose from chamber or non-chamber style. Chamber pendants have a discreet inner compartment that is air and water tight when sealed with rubber gasket threaded-screw closure. No chamber pendants are generally thinner without hollow inside. Compartment style has 2 separate chambers available in precious metal but not stainless steel.

Back OptionsYou may personalize the back with another print (finger, hand or foot), a photo, line drawing or a signature for additional cost.

Lifetime promise! The print quality is promised for life. If the print quality ever degrades, we will replace the piece free of charge.

Dimensions: all sizes approximate

Chamber style in 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, 14K solid yellow gold, 14K solid white gold & platinum- 
27/32" diameter x 3/16" thick 
(20 mm diameter x 5 mm thick).

No chamber style in 925 sterling silver, 14K solid yellow gold, 14K solid white gold, 14K solid rose gold & platinum- 
27/32" diameter 
(20 mm diameter)

No chamber style in stainless steel- 
27/32" diameter
(20 mm diameter)

Allow up to 1 business day until pendant ships from the date we receive your fingerprint or other print file.
Allow additional 4-5 weeks for 14K Solid Gold or Platinum orders.

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