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Amen Jewelry Collection

The faith, the creed of every day, the faith that gives strength and turns into love, love high and universal. The faith involves millions of people. AMEN comes from the desire to give words of faith in order to be close to their loved ones because they feel protected, loved, never alone.

It is the result of a project born from an intuition of John Licastro, entrepreneur, who in 2012 decided to create jewelry made of words. The beginning is dedicated to the words of faith, those who have accompanied the childhood of many and difficult to forget and indulge, even if you change the road. Faith is part of the inner life of every human being, is comfort, memory, story, hope, joy.

AMEN's name was chosen for the very meaning of the word truth, certainty. The sound is pleasant and extremely familiar and recognizable in all countries of the world, and easily remembered. The payoff "Love is a Choice," says a contemporary concept that belongs to faith. Today, Love is a choice. A membership, therefore, individual and conscious. AMEN collections embrace not only faith in the strict sense, but a broader concept of love, love for the partner, love their children, friends, to all your loved ones.

Made in Italy.

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