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Violet Sky Bead | Trollbeads


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  • $7600

Always aim for the stars.

Violet Sky is a People's Uniques 2023 winner.

This is a limited-edition release. Limited editions are rare or unique beads that are only released in very small quantities.

Glass trollbeads are unique works of art. Since all glass beads are lovingly handmade over an open flame, they all look slightly different.

Follow our tips for caring for your original glass trollbeads, and they will stay looking luminous and beautiful for years to come.

• To clean glass trollbeads, we advise you to gently buff with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use any commercial cleaning products or fluids, as these can contain peroxide and bleach that will damage your beads.

• You should never swim while wearing your glass Trollbeads, especially in a chlorinated swimming pool. Never immerse them in hot water or seawater. This could damage the resin settings.

• As a rule, we recommend that you avoid contact with perfumes, creams (including hand creams), soaps, cosmetics, hair lacquer, etc. As mentioned above, never allow your beads to come into contact with chemical detergents or bleach.

With care, your glass Trollbeads will stay as bright and beautiful as the day you first added them to your collection. Trollbeads are unique works of art to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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