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Ring Cross e Zircons | Amen


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Sterling Silver Ring Cross zircon - Rhodium - Article accompanied by shopper, box and warranty.

The rosary derives from the ancient medieval custom that consisted in putting a crown of roses on the statues of the virgin; these roses were gifts and symbols of the "Beautiful" and "Perfumed" prayers addressed to mary. Thus came the idea of using a necklace of beads (the crown) to guide you in meditation and prayer. The amen rosario necklace is a modern re-interpretation of those "Beautiful" crowns with a profound meaning. A collection that comprises bracelets, rings and necklaces enriched with stones and zircons. A jewel to wear with elegance, an accessory that combines beauty and spirituality, to always carry with you discreetly, as a symbol of faith and love.

Meaning: comfort, protection, trust, prayer.


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