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Parrot Pendant | Thomas Sabo


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- Tropical-mystical statement 
- Artistic, three-dimensional design
- Handcrafted perfection

The myth of the jungle transformed into a statement jewellery item: Artistically hand decorated with stone embellishment and cold enamel, the feathers of the THOMAS SABO parrot pendant sparkle in every detail with their colourfulness. Graphic elements inspired by the ornamentation of sunken Aztec temples complete the extraordinary design in detail.
925 Sterling silver
For its jewellery items, THOMAS SABO uses the highest-quality and most popular alloy in the jewellery sector: 925 Sterling silver. This is nickel-free and thus suitable for wear by allergy sufferers.
Zirconia (imitation diamond)
Zirconia is an artificially manufactured stone. It offers high scratch resistance and is shaped using a brilliant cut of the sort typical for diamonds. This provides its characteristic, dazzling look.
925 Sterling silver, blackened, turquoise, black, red, orange, pink enamelled
glass-ceramic stone green, synthetic corundum red, zirconia white, zirconia black, glass-ceramic stone orange, glass-ceramic stone turquoise
silver-coloured, black, turquoise, white, pink
approx. 7.50 cm (2.95 Inch)
approx. 1.80 cm (0.71 Inch)
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Please note that the chain is not included.

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