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Karma Bracelet | Thomas Sabo


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The Karma Beads bracelet is made of 925 Sterling silver and fastened with a high-quality catch fastener. The innovative ball lock is stamped with the Wheel of Karma, which stands for joie de vivre and positive energy. The Venetian necklace has a diameter of 0.2 cm and is available in different lengths. One or more Karma Beads can be threaded onto the bracelet.

Bead summer flower
The balancing howlite stone is enthralling as the Sunflower bead in its turquoise guise and with its engraved floral and polished surface. In conjunction with radiantly-summery tricolor beads its gentle sheen underlines the wonderful luminosity of the jewelry creation. Please note: This Bead cannot be combined with the following articles: 

Infinity Knot Bead
This infinity bead symbolizes the eternity of love. 
Bead Ethnic blue
– Graphic pattern
– Stands for expressive power and wisdom
– Can be combined in many ways

Magic symbolism and details: Elaborately engraved with graphic patterns, this Bead combines the mysticism of the desert with the individual THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart style. Lucky charm and gift with expressive power.
Bead Nazar's eye
- Protective symbol
- Magical eye-catcher
- Positive life energy

Filigree eye-catcher with protective function: this Eye of Horus designed as a Karma Bead features fabulous royal blue and exquisite Sterling silver.
Bracelet is 19 cm

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