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Energy Stones w/ 20mm Ball


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Energy Stones w/ 20mm Ball

Energy Stones with clear 20mm Ball.

  • Amethyst (Calming Stone): Promotes balance and peace.
  • Black Onyx (Protection Stone): Gives strength and absorbs negative energy.
  • Blue Quartz (Stone of Tranquility): Calms the mind and inspires hope.
  • Crystal Quartz (Stone of Clarity): Provides direction through clarity of thought.
  • Green Quartz (Stone of Nature): Attracts prosperity and success.
  • Hematite (Stone of the Mind): Enhances memory and focus.
  • Jasper (Nurturing Stone): Heals the spirit, giving courage and wisdom.
  • Lava Stone (Grounding Stone): Stabilizes emotions and promotes calmness.
  • Moon Stone (Stone of Emotions): Balances the mind and enhances awareness.
  • Pearl (Stone of Purity): Promotes faith, charity and integrity.
  • Rose Quartz (Stone of Love): Attracts love and encourages compassion.
  • Turquoise (Stone of Healing): Purifies the spirit and the body.

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