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Triphalia Bracelet

Triphalia Bracelet


Tricia's Gems

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The entire manufacturing process of each of our jewelry is carried out in a traditional and artisanal way with our own hands. These techniques passed down from generation to generation make each piece unique, and have its own soul. From the design drawn on paper to the last step to complete the creation of each of our jewels, we do it in our Cyclone workshops.

Ciclón designs and manufactures its jewelry with the best materials at its disposal. All the materials used are carefully selected and have very high-quality control. For the manufacture of our pieces, we only use products from the European community, mainly from Spain.




How is the wrist measured?

Take a tape or cord that you can use to wrap around your wrist and completely surround it, make a mark on the tape where the ends meet, without being squeezed. Overlap the ribbon or string on a ruler and it will be the length in centimeters that the perimeter of your wrist is.

Our bracelets have the following sizes:

One size. Adaptable to small and medium-size

Small, which is between 17 - 18 cm.

Medium, which is between 18 - 20 cm.

Large, measuring 21 cm.

* Measurements are approximate, may have a slight variation depending on the model

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