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More than 40 years have passed since industrialist Gabriel de Pablo opted for artisan jewelry manufacturing as a complement in the fashion world. Quite a visionary in a time when nobody gave importance to this manufacturing.

After years of effort and passion for his work, he captured his first collections for large firms. Behind him, a new family generation led by Carlos de Pablo picked up the witness and created the current brand Ciclón.

A brand that started as a family business that today, more than 40 years later, is one of the most important reference brands in the country in the artisanal manufacture of fashion accessories.

Ciclón is not only a jewelry brand as a fashion accessory, it is also a tradition, a passion for good work, they are people who do their work with enthusiasm and honesty every day.


Now this small family business born in Madrid and which has always manufactured from Madrid has grown and is present in countless countries around the world.


Madrid has always been a city of artisans from different parts of the world and over time the best workshops in the country were established. It is in this same city where Ciclón is born.

The manufacture of each of its pieces is carried out entirely in the Cyclone workshops. We are proud to value this commitment that Ciclón has in manufacturing the entire process ourselves from start to finish, without using materials or semi-finished products purchased from other more competitive markets.

At Ciclón we think that things made with your own hands and with all your passion have a soul, a soul that we hope will accompany you when you wear something Ciclón.


The entire manufacturing process of each of our jewelry is carried out in a traditional and artisanal way with our own hands. These techniques passed down from generation to generation make each piece unique, and have its own soul. From the design drawn on paper to the last step to complete the creation of each of our jewels, we do it in our Cyclone workshops.

Ciclón designs and manufactures its jewelry with the best materials at its disposal. All the materials used are carefully selected and have a very high-quality control. For the manufacture of our pieces, we only use products from the European community, mainly from Spain.

iclón material is Zinc alloy with a plating thickness of 15 microns silver-plated and 5 microns gold-plated.

Ciclón products have an anti-tarnish coating as a tarnish preventative.

Ciclón high quality designer jewelry is made with the purest and most precious of materials of Europe, including genuine leather and Murano Glass from Italy

Ciclón’s beautiful jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free

Product Care Info: Ciclón jewelry should not be cleaned with silver cleaning products as this will eliminate the anti-tarnish coating. It must be cleaned with water and natural soap and well dried.