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Welcome Fall Gems at Tricia's

Posted by Debbie Arabsky on

Where the heck did September go? We're well into October and here at at Tricia's, fall beads from Trollbeads, Thomas Sabo,  Chamilia, Kamelon...have arrived! It's an exciting time of year for bead brands, many offering new and fresh designs.

First, can we talk about the new Trollbeads fall collection? If you're already a collector, you may have heard the rumors. I can tell you it's all true. This is their most beautiful autumn release yet! If you're not a collector, these beauties may tempt you;


Fall Gems at tricia's

Above; Forest Secrets Kit. Beads sold individually as well.

The gem cut Murano glass kit, below. Forest Life Kit also sold individually.

When it comes to these Murano glass beads, it's a good idea to come in and see the actual beads. There are many variations in comparison to the product images.

also, there are two new clasps, new spacers and gorgeous new silver designs.

Thomas Sabo stuns...in fact the new fall Karma beads are brilliant in color with an ethnic vibe. The silver designs are also unique, for example, The Skull Queen;

And yes, she has her Skull King;

Also in, new pendants and charms from the Charm Club!

Chamilia has released several new silvers and glass to tempt you. The sparkle is ever-attractive in this line and wait until you see the Halloween beads. Not only the beads but the adorable packaging if you purchase the collection, a witch's hat...come down and see for yourself. While you're in, check out the newly retired Chamilia beads that are now 50% off!

Kameleon Rainforest collection is in. Come see the new bold hues and pops, rings and pendants. This sassy snake has slithered into the season. 



 The ring makes quite the statement and there's also the matching bracelet, if slitherin' snakes are your thing.


Note that October babies get 15% off their one time purchase. See you at Tricia's Gems! 


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